Motions of the Oceans

Dive in to explore the Motions of the Oceans

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Calling all divers! An underwater treasure hiding in plain sight needs your help.

Do you love the underwater marine life around the UK and further afield? Ever fancied yourself as a marine scientist? Now’s your chance to do your bit for the ocean by contributing to a ‘real life’ scientific project!

Project Seagrass is a UK-based charity that is dedicated to the global conservation of seagrass using research, influence, education and positive actions. They are based at the Sustainable Places Research Institute in Cardiff and are now in their fourth year of operations.


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Waste Not, Want Not? Some thoughts on rubbish in the marine environment and how we can help stem the flow.

For several years, I have been trying to reduce my environmental footprint and live more sustainably, with some successes and several epic fails! I can be stubborn at times, just ask anyone who knows me, but this means that I will persevere with my efforts and maybe my successes will be less limited and there will also be fewer epic fails. Persistence is my middle name, don’t you know?

My interest in sustainable coastal and marine resource management prompted me to follow my present course of Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Repurpose, Recover, and Recycle.  Being a scuba instructor, I have seen first-hand the devastating effects of rubbish and litter on our coasts and oceans.

Seagrass with Plastic Bottle

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Marine Litter MOOC May 2017

I must say I am a big fan of MOOCs and have recently completed some interesting offerings from Universities of Queensland, Southampton and London (SOAS). MOOCs are free, online and open to anyone. They generally come in bitesize chunks of four to eight weeks in length and can easily fit around busy schedules.

Today, I was excited to discover the Marine Litter MOOC from Open University Netherlands which is starting in May 2017 and wanted to spread the word. Continue reading

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The wonderful world of seagrasses

With the Seagrass Awareness Month of March drawing to a close I would like to share the blog I wrote for Project Seagrass about the wonderful, but yet to be fully discovered, world of Egyptian seagrasses …

I was recently ‘nudged’ to do something by a fellow seagrass enthusiast who shall remain nameless for the time being! I must admit that I have been distracted by life and other ‘things’ for several months and desperately needed that ‘nudge’ to get going again. So, with March being Seagrass Awareness Month, I decided to briefly explore the world of Egyptian seagrasses. Continue reading

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Superpowered Seagrass

How many times have many of us, myself included, ignored a sign like this during our misspent adolescent years?

Keep off grass sign

Now that I am older (so say the majority!) and wiser (so say a small minority!), I realise the purpose of this type of sign is to protect and conserve nature. Nowadays I pay more attention because nature conservation is a subject close to my heart. Being a diver, I am particularly interested in sustainability of the coastal and marine environment.

This then begs the question why don’t we pay as much attention to seagrasses, and their protection, as we do to terrestrial grasses? I have always enjoyed diving over seagrass meadows because of the air of mystery … squinting through the suspended sediments in the hope of finding a dugong or turtle feeding, or a fascinating ‘creepy-crawly’. Continue reading