Ever since I was a child, the oceans and the creatures within them have always fascinated me. This fascination drew me to take my first scuba diving course in sunny Cheshire in the UK, too many years ago to mention! My fascination also led me to Portsmouth soon after I started diving, where I studied for a Masters Degree in Coastal and Marine Resource Management.

Initially I struggled with the diving but was determined and soon found myself on a two week conservation expedition to Egypt’s Red Sea with a group of volunteers from Marine Conservation Society UK. This is where it all came together for me! After that first trip, I was a regular on the annual Reef Monitoring Surveys.

I also dived in the UK on a frequent basis and qualified as a diving instructor on a rather frosty morning in early December 1999. As an aside to my full-time professional work, I instructed on evenings and weekends and enjoyed diving trips to Egypt.

Then, on 1 January 2003, I woke up from a rather over-indulgent New Year’s party in Egypt. No … I hadn’t ended up there after a few too many! I was having a festive holiday with a friend who I was teaching to dive. Anyway, to get back on track, I woke up and thought about my Resolutions for the forthcoming year and number one on the list was to do something different with my life.

That same day at the dive centre, the owner (a diving friend originally from the UK) made me a proposal which was going to change my life … To cut a long story short, and following a small delay due to the US needing more oil(!), I left my stable Chartered Surveying career in London, packed my bags and moved to Egypt in August of that year and despite all the odds I am still here!

Throughout my years of diving, I have participated in and initiated a variety of ocean conservation initiatives and always try to act as a champion for sustainability. I am always on the lookout for interesting courses to increase my knowledge of ocean ecosystems and their sustainable management. I try to do what I can to help the Motions of the Oceans and you can join the growing community wherever you are!

However big or small, anyone can make Motions in the Oceans! Find out what is happening in your area and get involved. Or make your very own Motions. It could be a Beach Clean Up, an Underwater Clean Up, a particular Citizen Science Project, or adding an observation to iSpot.

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