Marine Litter MOOC May 2017

I must say I am a big fan of MOOCs and have recently completed some interesting offerings from Universities of Queensland, Southampton and London (SOAS). MOOCs are free, online and open to anyone. They generally come in bitesize chunks of four to eight weeks in length and can easily fit around busy schedules.

Today, I was excited to discover the Marine Litter MOOC from Open University Netherlands which is starting in May 2017 and wanted to spread the word.
I am in the middle of writing a longer post about Marine Litter, which is a subject of interest to me. So finding this course is synchronicity, I guess!

Marine Litter affects us all, no matter whether we live by the sea or inland, and we have the power as individuals to help combat this problem by adapting our behaviour to consume less and dispose properly. This course will make a great starting point for those hoping to make a positive change to combat the growing problem of Marine Litter.

Here is the link for anyone who is interested.


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